A centralised, secure network for all your Project Collaboration Needs

A Collaboration tool that help you connect your various team members (stakeholders, project managers, contractors etc..) and project information together so that you can make informed and better decisions faster.

Anytime/anywhere access to project collaboration

Access your information anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re in the office, on site, at home or on the road, ProjectOrbit is always there with you. ​

Efficiency for everyone

Empower your teams to collaborate effectively with Project Orbit. Share files, request/respond information, issue notice to contractors or show data on geospatial map. 

Key functionality


A Transmittal is a "Cover Sheet" to manage the release of key information, specifically drawings and specifications, to the project team and selected external parties.

Request for information

An RFI is a formal request for information from a member of the project team to another party within the project team. This RFI process keeps a record of all information requests and responses within the ProjectOrbit system for reference and audit purposes.

User Management

User Management module offer one place to manage users and its permission.

Instrument Monitoring

Monitoring module helps you manage instruments on the field, capture data, trigger alert and/or alarm and provide reports in both tabular and graphical form.

Notice to contractor (NTC)

A Notice to contractor is a formal correspondence to a member(s) of the project team to advice on the specifications of the work being done so that everyone in the project team is on the same page.

Non conformance report

A Non-Conformance Report is a formal communication to a member(s) of the project team to advice on work that requires attention. Actions can be assigned and the status can be tracked until resolution.

Geospatial Map

A Geospatial map helps you manage location related datasets together with additional layers and enable users to visually interact with their data.

Customized Reports/Dashboard

Customize Reports/Dashboard allows you choose the reports/dashboard that matters most for you and your project team.


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